Grief & Living Away

Grief is a funny old beast, usually reserved for loved ones who die, but can also sneak up on you … More

“Attention Seeking”

I generally consider myself to be a fairly level headed person. I mean others may disagree but I don’t tend … More

Sentence Starters are…

…great for getting people talking. I bought these coloured lolly pop sticks a little while ago & finally got around … More

Thinking about Consent

“When we don’t consent to flirting, when it’s not reciprocated and it’s repeated, it is harassment. Hissing “slut” at women … More

Training RSE in Asia

Relationships & Sex Education was a massive part of my previous work history. Until I moved to Brunei in 2014 … More

Surfing Brunei

I can’t surf. Pretty much because I lack confidence mainly due to my utter dislike of water up my nose … More