Third Culture Kids

A Third Culture Kid or TCK for short is a young person who has lived for a significant amount of time outside of their parents home country. Sometimes called Transnational Kids or Cross Cultural Kids, their personal identity will be different from both that of their parents and the cultures in which they live. TheyContinue reading “Third Culture Kids”

Grief & Living Away

Grief is a funny old beast, usually reserved for loved ones who die, but can also sneak up on you for people who have left, for an incarnation of who you once were, or for a place or time when things were good; different. Living away from home can sometimes seem to be a neverContinue reading “Grief & Living Away”

72 Five Minute Stress Relief Ideas

Cuddle your pet Do 20 star jumps Drink warm milo Walk around your house Smell your favourite perfume Stretch as high as you can Try to touch your toes Sing Dance to an upbeat song Be silly Look at a photo of a happy time Have a shower Have a snack Draw something simple &Continue reading “72 Five Minute Stress Relief Ideas”

A Letter to the Stayers

It’s that time of year again. Students with signatures all over crisp white school shirts. One day they are here; the next there’s an empty seat where your friend used to be. And this happens over and over again, until one day you may decide that what’s the point in making new friends – it’sContinue reading “A Letter to the Stayers”

See you soon.

Its that time of year again. People are selling up their belongings. Students are leaving to go on study leave. Both saying goodbye to friends and looking on post July to new postings, new jobs, university, new friends, new lives… And us? The stayers are left in limbo watching the chaos around us. The franticContinue reading “See you soon.”