Navigating Tech and Relationships

I worry sometimes about young people and technology. No not for the reasons you might think of straight away. Not the sexting. Not the access to explicit content. Not the bullying. Not the myriad of horrendous people online. I’ve seen young people take down and deal with all of that spectacularly – its a worldContinue reading “Navigating Tech and Relationships”

See you soon.

Its that time of year again. People are selling up their belongings. Students are leaving to go on study leave. Both saying goodbye to friends and looking on post July to new postings, new jobs, university, new friends, new lives… And us? The stayers are left in limbo watching the chaos around us. The franticContinue reading “See you soon.”

Facebook Fatigue

Bali is covered in trash again. Click sad face. Move on. Another person declares “me too”. Hit angry face. Move on. Donald Trump threatens North Korea. Post a meme. Move on. King tides devastate Majuro. Type “stay safe”. Move on. Neo-nazism on the rise again. Tweet angrily. Move on. 100 dead in a suicide bomb.Continue reading “Facebook Fatigue”