Challenge 2018 & Looking to 2019

2017 was a very difficult year for me – I learnt a lot from almost falling down a very dark hole and the struggle to get back out. So when 2018 came along I found myself in the first couple of months trying things I’d never done before. Now whether this is a direct result of 2017 or if it’s an age thing (hurtling towards 40 at what seems like warp speed) I’m not sure but it turned out to be a great year. I decided early on to try new things each month and report back on them. I can’t say I was particularly good at reporting back each month but it was great fun. So in 2018 I tried the following:

January: Poetry Slam. This was petrifying and it’s really hard to write poetry!

February: Stand-Up Comedy. I did a 10 hour course with Bruhaha and performed for the first time in February. In total I have done 4 shows this year. Great fun.

March: Staff Dance Troupe.We performed in front of staff & students. Good fun and I didn’t forget too many steps but not interested as a long term activity.

April: Build a Website. I built this one. It still needs a lot of work but its a start.

May: Illustrated Lettering. Good as a mindful activity but I don’t have the patience for calligraphy.

June: Graduated with a Hat! Swish Swish!! And I cannot rock a graduation hat.

July: Dance Photography. Not as glamorous as I expected.

August: Grow Vegetables. I had high hopes but come Dec only the Chinese leafy vegetables and my herbs have survived. Replanting & hoping for a better 2019.

September: Sailing. We nearly capsized. I was glad I wasn’t in charge.

October: Join a Sports Team! The Womens Rugby Tournament was fun & I scored!

November: Clay Modelling. Fun but too messy – can’t see me getting a kiln anytime soon.

December: Make a Dessert. Nutella Cheesecake which was so tasty I made it a second time!

So for 2019? I’d like to get better at Photography and at Stand Up Comedy. I’m enjoying taking photos of surfing and of sports fixtures. And animals. I’d like to perform stand up outside of Brunei so the censorship restrictions aren’t there and I can talk about way more things that happen to me in everyday life. I’m going to carry on trying not to kill plants.

Other than that I think I’ll still try new things as I’ve enjoyed the purpose of this year. I hope your 2019 is full of life and adventure, and lots and lots of laughter. As Gretchen Ruben says – the days are long but the years are short, so pack as much as you can in there. Goodbye 2018. Hello 2019.

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