Lovebomb: Understanding & Responding to Teenage Relationship Abuse 

Online Training
8am - 3pm (ICT) 9th March 2023


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Lovebomb Training

"even where school leaders do not have specific information that indicates sexual harassment and online sexual abuse are problems for their children and young people, they should act on the assumption that they are" Ofsted, 2021

What We Will Cover

Violence & Control in Romantic Relationships

Peer on Peer Abuse incl. Sexual Harassment 

Relational Aggression in Friendships

Domestic Violence and Expat Families

"I was 12 when i was first raped by my then boyfriend. it then didn’t stop for two years after that. why i didn’t leave i won’t ever properly understand but his mind games were so good he made me feel like it was better to be raped and abused than to be without him"

What You'll Learn

About Your Trainer

I initially trained as a Community & Youth Worker, working as a Specialist Sex & Relationships Outreach Worker in the UK before moving to Southeast Asia to work as an International School Counsellor. In 2022I founded 7north Education offering training and pastoral support to schools across Asia.


I have been training teachers and other professionals in RSHE for almost 20 years and am passionate about helping young people understand and have healthy relationships free from abuse. I look forward to meeting you! 


What Previous Participants have Said:

“[Aylssa was] excellent. Good subject knowledge and open and confident approach to both teaching and facilitating”

“[The training was] brilliant. I got more out of it than I *ever* thought possible”

 “Excellent training. First all day training where I haven’t felt sleepy!!! Really appropriate”