Are You OK? Online Course

Not sure what to say when someone is in distress? Noticed that someone doesn’t quite seem themselves but unsure how to ask how they are? If yes then this course is for you. Pre-recorded so you can study in your free time, this short course gives you a number of practical skills to help you support friends and family.

Suggested price: ฿1,000.00

Minimum price: ฿0.00


In this pre-recorded online course, Aylssa will give you a step-by-step guide on how to have supportive conversations with friends and family members around their mental health – from recognising that someone is not okay, through to understanding your own limits and when to ask for professional help. This short video and workbook involve reflecting on your own mental health and practicing skills in the real world.

Approximate study time is around 1 hour (35 minute video + activities).


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