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If you are not feeling okay emotionally, or maybe have a problem that you are facing – have a listen as Aylssa gives you some practical strategies to help you cope – all in less that 10 minute episodes.

The podcast episode on problem-solving was really helpful and the steps easy to follow. I now have some options on what to do next and am feeling a lot more positive. Thanks Aylssa

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Finding Your Glimmers to Help Self-Regulate Not Okay? Try This… Podcast

We all know what triggers are – those things in the environment that cause us to have a stress response. But did you know there is an antidote? An opposite? These are our glimmers – these are the things that cause a whoosh of oxytocin to flood our systems helping us feel safe, secure and regulated. In this episode Aylssa gives you some step by step instructions on how to cultivate our glimmers to forge stronger pathways leading us to feel more regulated in the long term. This will help you if you feel in a constant state of dysregulation, perhaps due to anxiety caused by trauma or ongoing stress.  This exercise is from the book "Polyvagal Exercises for Safety and Connection" by Deb Dana (2020)
  1. Finding Your Glimmers to Help Self-Regulate
  2. How to help when someone has died
  3. Improving Your Relationships
  4. Taming Your Tigers
  5. Improving your body image

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