Aylssa Cowell

Supporting Globally Mobile Families through
Online Counselling, Workshops & Training

Living away from your home country can be incredibly difficult and lonely at times. You may be experiencing culture shock, homesickness, you may have experienced trauma. Living away can feel incredibly isolating and often people ‘back home’ don’t understand. I have been counselling globally mobile families for 10 years – schedule a free appointment with me today for support and strategies to start feeling better.

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“I had a list of take away knowledge from attending your workshop and I shared it with my students.  Thank you for the knowledge

— Dr Nor Zaiham Abdullah,
Universiti Brunei Darrassalam

” [Aylssa was] excellent. Friendly and put across a delicate subject with humour and ease which helped a lot”

” Very useful and easily applicable”

“Everything was in bite-sized pieces, very easy to take in”

Workshop Participants