“Attention Seeking”

I generally consider myself to be a fairly level headed person. I mean others may disagree but I don’t tend to lose my temper or rage too much. I try as hard as I can to own my emotions & do something constructive with them, however there are some phrases & assumptions which, for me, are like red rags to a bull. Such as:


As in “they are only doing x behaviour cos they want attention”… what does that even mean?! Lets take self injury for example. That person over there only cuts themselves because they want attention. What does that even mean?! Stop for a second. That person feels so alone, abandoned, worthless… that they take an implement and physically causes themselves pain  ON PURPOSE so that someone will take notice and care for them because maybe they can’t find the words to say “I’m hurting, please help me” or maybe they are so traumatised they believe they deserve to be punished, or maybe they can’t express themselves verbally so they have to SHOW YOU, or maybe they feel like there is so much bad in themselves they have to let it out… but yeah “attention seeking” is a way for adults to minimise the pain young people go through without actually doing something to help. Why do young people “seek attention” it’s because they feel worthless, need somewhere to belong & to feel loved.

Change your script.

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